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Why It Works

KH-7 DEGREASER is a concentrated degreaser specially formulated for the thorough and effortless removal of all types of grease, oils and heavily encrusted dirt. Formulated on an aqueous base and in line with European ecological criteria; it does not contain phosphates, perfume, caustic soda or caustic potash.

Made from a powerful concentrated formula!

KH-7 concentrated degreaser makes it easy for you to simply wipe off even the toughest, most encrusted grease, dirt and grime. Formulated to high standards, KH-7 Concentrated Degreaser is FREE FROM phosphates, perfume, caustic soda, caustic potash or dye. Our water-based formula is produced to high European ecological standards.

KH-7: Innovation and efficacy

Initially, KH-7 was a product that was formulated and developed to clean and de-grease parts made by a small metallic coating company founded by Jaume Lloreda in 1949 in a village in Barcelona. That product was already in line with the values and pillars that make KH-7 what it is today: Innovation and efficacy.

Innovation, because the company decided to formulate its own cleaning products on a market with limited supply, and efficacy because it worked on developing formulas until it formulated a highly effective product against dirtiness all without harming surfaces. It was such a hit that it turned the covering company into a cleaning company, taking it to number-one on the Spanish market for kitchen cleaning products and stain removers.


  • Innovation

    Not only with our product, but also in terms of management, communication and teamwork.

  • Efficacy

    Our goal isn’t only to make good products, but to make products that best fit consumer needs. Households change, and we need to provide solutions to new problems.

  • Commitment

    We’re part of the environment and we work to reduce our activity’s impact. Reducing, eliminating, recycling and reusing are part of our philosophy.

  • Sports and action

    We enjoy our area and being close to our consumers, sharing their hobbies with them.

Why KH-7 is leader in Spain

EFFICACY with day-to-day and the most encrusted dirtiness

KH-7 effortlessly eliminates both everyday and the most encrusted dirtiness and grease. Clothing and surfaces, without causing harm.

Careful with surfaces and fabrics

Its success comes from its great versatility on surfaces and fabrics. You can use it anywhere you find grease and dirt.


Its ultra-concentrated formula gets rid of grease and dirt in your home without needing to use a ton of product. KH-7 lasts.


Spray the product, let it work and effortlessly wipe. Its formula easily removes grease and dirt.

Easy to use. Straight to the dirt

Thanks to the spray format, applying the product is comfortable, easy and fast. Straight to the grease.

Safe for food-preparation surfaces

Ideal for removing kitchen grease, KH-7 can be used on all food-preparation surfaces with a rinse.

Where to use

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