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Technical Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet


KH-7 DEGREASER is a concentrated cleaner specially formulated for the thorough and effortless removal of all types of grease, oils and heavily encrusted dirt. Formulated on an aqueous base and in line with European ecological criteria; it does not contain phosphates, perfume, caustic soda or caustic potash.


KH-7 DEGREASER is a very versatile product that can be used in many areas:

  • On the barbecue and in the garden: cleaning of grills, trays, tools, garden furniture, etc.
  • In the kitchen: counter-tops, ovens, extractor hoods, hobs, tiles, glass-ceramic hot plates, interior and exterior of cupboards, pans, pots, pet feeders, etc.
  • KH-7 DEGREASER is suitable for cleaning and degreasing surfaces in contact with food. It is ALWAYS necessary to rinse before use.
  • For the dirtiest clothes: work clothes, aprons, overalls and so on. Ideal for clothes used in DIY.
  • In the garage: for the bicycle (chain, gears, plates, etc.), for the car (rims, mechanical parts, dashboards, exterior parts etc.) or where there is motor grease and stubborn dirt
  • Boating: decks, sails, waterlines, defenses, etc.
  • Resistant dirt in general: air conditioning vents, radiators, shutters, railings, areas frequently touched by hands, etc.
  • In the bathroom: toilets, tiling, etc.
  • And also for industrial machinery: lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, hydraulic presses, combustion engines and so on.


KH-7 DEGREASER is a product that ALWAYS needs to be rinsed after its use due to its concentration and chemical composition.

DO NOT USE on varnished or enamelled surfaces. Its use on aluminum requires an immediate rinse.

Do not apply on wooden surfaces. Do not use on polycarbonate plastics (motorcycle helmets, fluorescent brackets, etc.). Do not apply on delicate garments, wool, leather, dyed fabrics or non-solid colored garments. Do not use on polished marble without previous dilution in water. When cleaning the inside of the oven, rinse thoroughly before using it again. Applying it on porous surfaces is not recommended.

Metallized household appliances can have an anti-fingerprint coating. Do not apply on these surfaces or test first in a non-visible area.

Technical specifications:
Appearance: Transparent liquid
Color: Colorless or slightly yellowish
Smell: Characteristically chemical
Density (25oC): 1.01 – 1.03 Kg/l
pH: 11.2 - 11.6
Intentionally added ingredients: Ethoxylated C12-14 alcohol CAS Nr.: 68439-50-9 Functional purpose: Surfactant. Surface-active agent. Helps remove dirt and grease
Ethoxylated C12-15 alcohol CAS Nr.: 68131-39-5 Functional purpose: Surface-active agent. Helps remove dirt and grease
Ethanolamine CAS Nr.: 141-43-5 Controls the pH level of a product to ensure stability and maximize performance

Instructions for use:

Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned and leave for a few seconds. Clean with a damp cloth or wipe and rub until you get the desired result. To obtain an optimum shine, wipe with a dry cloth.

For use on marble, apply the product with a sponge or damp cloth, clean quickly and rinse with plenty of water. For use on polished marble, dilute beforehand in water.

For floors, dilute 3 caps for every 5 liters in the water.

For the washing down of boats dilute 3 caps per 5 litres of water in cleaning water.


Container of 25 Fl. Oz. (739 ml) with trigger spray.


Adopt the usual safety measures for the handling of chemical products.