KH7 Stain Remover - KH7
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Effectiveness against stains for all your clothes

  • Maximum effectiveness against stains

    KH-7 STAIN REMOVER is a pre-wash stain remover that has a very complete formula for all types of stains, and especially those caused by children, due to the effectiveness of their enzymes.

    Spray KH-7 STAIN REMOVER on the garment and easily removes stains caused by oil, grease, blood, chocolate, grass, egg, sauces, ice cream, make-up, ink and egg.

  • Easy and Practical

    Equipped with a convenient sprayer, apply directly on the stain. Use the amount of product you need only where you need it.

  • Respectful of fabrics

    Its formulation without bleach enables its use both with white and coloured, and even black clothes.

  • Also as Additive

    You can also use it to reinforce the action of your usual detergent by adding a jet of KH-7 STAIN REMOVER directly into the washing machine along with the laundry.

Mode of use


    If it is the first time it is applied, we recommend that you carefully read the label and follow the washing instructions of the garment (see our symbol guide).


    Spray KH-7 STAIN REMOVER directly on the stain. Leave the product for 5 minutes without letting it dry on the garment and then wash the garment by machine or by hand, as usual.


For best results, apply the product and wash the garment when the stain is fresh and has not been washed yet.

If the stain is already dry, wet it first, apply the product and rub it with the same garment. Avoid hard bristle brushes, they can damage the fabric.

Ingredients list


It is not recommended to use any type of stain remover with delicate fabrics. Do not apply KH-7 STAIN REMOVER in wool, leather, silk, suede or linen garments.

Some colours may be poorly fixed in the garments, so it is advisable not to rub these types of garments or apply additives and stain removers.

Formats and Varieties

Pack KH-7 Quitagrasas

Spray Format

Original format for easy and convenient application.