KH-7 Grease Remover - KH7
KH7 Grease Remover

KH-7 Grease Remover

Effective without effort

  • Maximum Efficiency against grease and dirt

    KH7 Grease remover is a professional degreaser that removes grease and dirt effortlessly, even the hardest and most inlaid dirt.

  • Easy and Practical

    Its convenient sprayer enables applying the product anywhere easily and using only the dose you need.

  • Versatile

    Ideal for cleaning all those surfaces where grease and dirt accumulate, including clothing. Use KH-7 Grease remover in:

    • In the kitchen: hob, cooker, extractor hood (and its filters), ovens, walls and tiles, cupboards (inside and outside), cleaning of electrical appliances such as fryer.
    • Dishwasher reinforcement ideal for flawless dishes and to remove all the grease remains.
    • In the rest of the household: to clean blinds, air conditioners, radiators, garden furniture, barbecue, ...
    • For clothing: its great effectiveness against grease makes it ideal for using on necks and cuffs of shirts stained with sweat, rubbing, and work clothes, also as reinforcement in the washing machine tray.

General Use of the product:

  • Spray

    Spray KH-7 on the surface you want to clean.

  • Let it work

    Leave for a few seconds.

  • Remove

    Remove with a damp cloth.


If it is the first time you use KH7, we recommend that you read the instructions on the label and those of the electrical appliance, surface or clothing manufacturer.

On fabric in case of doubt, you can test in an area that is not visible to check the fabric’s strength.

List of ingredients


  • To clean aluminium, rinse the product immediately.
  • On polished marble (especially floor-marble), do not apply without having previously dissolved it in water
  • Do not apply on enamel varnished or painted surfaces.
  • Do not apply on polycarbonate plastics such as motorcycle helmets or fluorescent supports.
  • Do not apply to wool, skin and dyed fabrics.

Formats and Varieties

KH7 Degreaser

Spray Format

Original format for easy and convenient application.

A world of applications

KH7 Grease Remover

A world of applications

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