ZAS! Multiusos - KH7


Shinier, better scent, no trace.

  • Versatile and effective

    ZAS! Multipurpose can be used to clean most surfaces in your home: glass, plastic, aluminium, melanin. They will be clean in one single wipe and will leave no trace.

  • Scent and shine

    ZAS! Multipurpose degreases and makes surfaces shine, in addition to filling your home with a fresh scent of grapefruit and sandalwood.

  • Easy and practical

    Its ergonomic sprayer will make it easy for you to reach all corners easily.

    • Glass and Mirrors
    • Aluminium frames, blinds, air conditioners
    • Radiators and lamps
    • Plastic, Formica and melanin furniture
    • TV, computer, smartphone, tablet screens....*

    *On these surfaces, remember not to apply directly, but on a cloth.

Mode of use

  • Spray

    Spray ZAS! Multipurpose on the surface.

  • Clean

    Wipe with a dry cloth or paper tower and rub until achieving the desired shine and result.

  • Result

    Shiny surfaces with a pleasant scent of grapefruit and sandalwood!

Find out how to clean screens with ZAS!

Ingredients list


  • Do not apply directly on plasma and/or LCD screens.
  • Do not apply on enamel varnished or painted surfaces.
  • In case of doubt, spray first on a non-visible area.

Formats and varieties

Pack ZAS! Multiusos Format Recharge Pack ZAS! Multiusos

Spray Format

Original format for easy and convenient application. You can reuse your gun up to nine times.

Refill Format

ZAS! Multiusos is also available in Refill format: maximum efficiency in a more environmentally friendly and economical format. Reduce plastic, save money and care for the environment..

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