KH-7 Motor - KH7
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KH-7 Motor


  • Easy and Practical

    The sprayer enables conveniently applying the product anywhere, easily and using only the dose required.

  • Versatile

    KH-7 MOTOR is a product that is specially developed for cleaning surfaces with heavily embedded grease:

    • Cars: Tyres, Engine, Bumper...
    • Motorbikes: Tyres, Engine, Suspension Bars, Fairings...
    • Bicycles: Chain, Plates and sprockets, Tyres, Connecting cables...
    • Boats: Hulls and decks, Propellers...
    • Also for cleaning caravan awnings, do-it-yourself tools, gardening tools, etc.

Mode of use

  • Rinse

    Rinse surfaces with clean water to remove any dry debris.

  • Spray

    Spray on the surface to be cleaned and allow to act for a maximum of 6-7 minutes. If necessary, help the cleaning with a bristle brush or sponge.

  • Rinse

    Rinse with plenty of water, preferably under pressure.

  • Repeat

    For highly embedded dirt you may have to repeat this a second time.


If it is the first time you use KH-7 MOTOR, we recommend that you read the instructions on the label. In case of doubt, test on a non-visible area.

Ingredients list


  • Do not use under direct sunlight, if the surface is hot, do not let the product dry because it may stain.
  • This product contains solvents. Do not use the product on surfaces that cannot be treated with solvents, such as areas that are painted with enamels or lacquered. Avoid spraying on painted tyres.
  • In case of doubt, test on a non-visible area before using the product on the rest.
  • This product is a degreaser. Surfaces that need to be oiled should be treated with specific oils after cleaning.
  • Do not use on metals with alloy finish.
  • Motorbikes: Do not spray on leather or imitation leather.
  • Caravans / Motor homes: For the cleaning of awnings made in tarpaulin, we recommend diluting the product in water (50% product / 50% water).
  • Bicycles: We do not recommend using the product in carbon frames. For cleaning the rest of the frames, avoid splashing during cleaning of the chain, sprockets. In case of splashing or direct product use, rinse quickly. Do not use on seat posts or handlebars with enamelled finish. For the cleaning of black enamel tyres, we recommend not leaving the product for more than 3-4 minutes.
  • Do not swallow. In case of swallowing, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label. In case of accident contact the National Poisons Information Service (Tel. 91.562.04.20).


Pack KH-7 Motor

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