KH-7 Antical - KH7
Pack KH-7 Antical


Removes lime and prevents it from appearing. Descales and makes it shine

  • Maximum effectiveness against lime

    KH-7 Antilime is the cleaning agent that is specially designed to remove lime easily and quickly.

  • Water Repellent Effect

    Dueto its formula with water repellent effect, you willwill keep surfaces clean and shiny for longer.

  • Easy and Convenient

    It is equipped with a foam diffusion gun that enables cleaning and concentrating the effect of the product on the different spaces and surfaces:

    • Shower and toilets: removes the lime descaling it from surfaces and taps.
    • Shower screen: the water-repellent effect protects from lime stains for longer.
    • Taps: KH-7 Antilime removes lime without damaging surfaces.

How to use

  • Spray on the surface.

    SprayKH-7 Antilime on the surface you want to clean. If the surface to be cleaned is not very dirty, we recommend spraying the product on a damp cloth, cleaning and rinsing immediately.

  • Leave to act for 3 minutes.

    Leave for 3 minutes and rinse immediately with water.

Maximum effectiveness against lime

In case of doubt, it is always better to perform an application test in a slightly hidden area.

Ingredients list


For optimum results it is highly recommendable to read the back of the label carefully and follow the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturers of taps, screens in the first uses... When in doubt, it is always better to perform an application test in an area that is less visible.

KH-7 Antilime is a product with an acidic pH so it cannot be applied on porous surfaces (marble, natural stones), aluminium, silver, gold, brass, enamelled surfaces, painted or varnished surfaces, damaged or warm surfaces, electrical devices, or matte or sand-decorated glass.

In case of doubt of the type of material, consult the manufacturer.


Pack KH-7 Antical

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Elimina manchas con resultados profesionales



A world of applications

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A world of applications

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