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The KH-7 ECO line deserves our Approved seal for being sustainable with the environment without losing efficiency in washing. Tested and approved by Mammaproof

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KH-7 Quitagrasas Eco



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  • 100% EFFECTIVE

    KH-7 ECO Grease Remover removes even the hardest and most embedded grease and dirt, with a formula using raw materials of sustainable origin that have a lower environmental impact.

  • 100% ECO

    The KH-7 ECO Grease Remover formula is certified with the European Ecological: EU ECOLABEL: ES-CAT/020/001.

    Ecolabel is a voluntary eco-certification system created by the EU. It is granted exclusively to products and services that ensure a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

    KH-7 Ecolabel Grease Remover

    More information about Ecolabel.

  • 100% CAREFUL

    KH-7 ECO Grease Remover is an Ecolabel-certified cleaning product that allows you to clean your home easily without damaging surfaces while being environmentally friendly. Ideal for:

    • Kitchen: worktops, stoves, extractor hood (and its filters), ovens, fryer, microwave, walls and tiles, inside and outside cupboards...
    • Dishwasher reinforcement: ideal for flawless dishes and to remove all the grease remains.
    • Clothes: its great efficacy against grease makes it ideal to apply in everyday clothing and work clothes. Also for shirt collars and cuffs stained by rubbing and sweat.
    • In the rest of the household: to clean blinds, air conditioners, radiators, garden furniture, barbecue,...
    • Vehicles and boats: ideal for washing bicycles, car and motorcycle wheels, as well as for the maintenance of small boats.


100% recyclable packaging.

Our plastic containers are fully reusable and recyclable. We are part of the Ecoembes integrated packaging management system. To ensure proper recycling we recommend separating the bottle from the plastic wrapping the container.

More sustainable.

We have developed a formula with ingredients that come from sustainable sources with the same efficacy as KH-7.

100% environmentally friendly.

We are aware of the fact that our activity has an impact on our environment. That is why at KH-7 we work to operate sustainably and minimise this impact.

0% waste water.

Throughout all our manufacturing process we do not generate waste water as we reuse the cleaning water from our packaging lines for future productions. As a result, we do not need a water treatment plant to treat the water.

30% less plastic.

At KH-7 we look for ways to make our materials less polluting and equally comfortable.

In recent years we have reduced the amount of plastic used in our bottles by 30% in order to reduce the amount of waste.

It does not contain:

Phosphates, borates, formaldehyde, organohalogen compounds, EDTA, NTA, Perfumes and Dyestuffs, Alkylbenzen sulphonic acid, substances that are not soluble in an aqueous medium or any of the substances of very high concern (SVHC) of the REACH Regulation.

No animal testing.

At KH-7 we have strict internal procedures to ensure the safety of our products, without the need to test on animals.


None of our products contain ingredients of animal origin.


What does eco mean?

Ecological products are those that come from sustainable sources and are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle.

What does an Ecolabel product mean?

Ecolabel is a voluntary ecological certification system created by the EU. It is granted exclusively to products and services that ensure a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

What does the Ecolabel guarantee?

In order to launch a product on the market with an Ecolabel label, it is necessary to present to the administration the documents that prove that the product is formulated with ingredients selected in accordance with the strict safety requirements for consumers and the environment, in addition to passing the demanding efficacy tests established by the EU Ecolabel.

KH-7 can proudly say that our product has obtained the Ecolabel certificate for its eco range.

Does being a cleaning product with Ecolabel mean giving up efficiency and having a high price?

We know that developing an Ecolabel-certified product and maintaining efficiency can be costly.

However, at KH-7 we were the first to develop a range of eco cleaning products with the same usual effectiveness as KH-7 at a competitive price, so that taking care of yourself and the environment does not mean spending more.

What are the differences between KH-7 Grease Remover and KH-7 ECO Grease Remover?

caring for the environment. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we launched the new KH-7 ECO Grease Remover without sacrificing the efficiency of KH-7.

The main difference with our original product is a stricter selection of ingredients and components to ensure compliance with the Ecolabel criteria.

Mode of use

  • Apply

    Spray KH-7 Eco Grease Remover on the surface to be cleaned.


    Let the product do its work for a few seconds.


    Then remove with a damp cloth.


If it is the first time you use KH7 ECO Grease Remover, we recommend that you read the instructions on the label and those of the electrical appliance, surface or clothing manufacturer.

On fabric, in case of doubt, you can test in an area that is not visible to check the fabric’s strength.

KH7 ECO Grease Remover does not irritate your skin, so it can be used without gloves.

Ingredients list
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