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Environmental commitment

We are aware that our activity, like any industrial activity, has an impact on the environment. Therefore, we work with the will to minimise the impact of both our industrial activity and our products.


We reuse.

The bottles arrive at our facilities in cardboard boxes. These boxes are returned to our suppliers to be reused and thus extend their useful life.

We recycle.

We have a selective collection system for our waste packaging for subsequent recycling and we are attached to the ECOEMBES selective collection system designed for the selective collection and recovery of packaging waste for further processing and recycling.

We develop environmentally respectful products.

Throughout the process to develop our products, the R+D team works with the most environmentally respectful materials possible. Moreover, we have a line of cleaning agents with an eco-label certificate, which guarantees a low environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle, with all KH-7’s efficacy.

We have replacement formats.

Although most of our products are used in gun format, most of them are sold in replacement format. This represents both economic and environmental savings as the number of plastic materials is reduced.

We reduce our packaging.

The KH7 Packaging team works continuously to reduce the amount of materials that form our packaging and containers. We reduce environmental impact, with an optimal management of material consumption.

We do not generate wastewater in our product manufacturing process and its subsequent packaging.

At KH Lloreda we re-use the cleaning water from our packaging lines for upcoming manufacturing. This is why we do not have a water treatment plant for treating the cleaning waters of our packaging process.

Cars that move with gas.

Our sales vehicles are gas-powered. During the combustion process, CO2 emissions are between 25 and 30% less than with petrol.

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Environmental commitment


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