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Grease stains

Grease stains.

Read the garment manufacturerÕs recommendations before cleaning. If you are unsure whether to use KH-7 on a garment, first test the product on a hidden area. Once you are sure the product will not damage the garment, spray it on to the grease stain and rub gently to help it penetrate the fibres. Wait a few minutes and then wash the garment as usual.

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Work clothes.

Soak the clothes in a solution of 20% KH-7 and 80% water for 10 minutes. Then pour off the water, wring out the garment, place it in the washing machine and wash as usual.

Dish cloths

Dish cloths.

Add KH-7 to your usual washing detergent when washing dish cloths. If there are any stubborn stains, spray with KH-7 and leave to work for a few minutes. Finally, place the cloth in the washing machine, add a squirt of KH-7, leave to work and then wash using a long programme at a temperature of at least 40 ¼C.

Canvas or fabric shoes

Canvas or fabric shoes

If you usually clean canvas or fabric shoes with a damp cloth, you can now add a little KH-7 (20% KH-7 to 80% water) to the cloth and clean the shoes in the same way. After cleaning, wipe down with a damp cloth to rinse.

Scratched leather bags

Scratched leather bags.

To clean leather bags that have been slightly scratched, first, test the product on an area that’s hidden from view to make sure the leather won’t suffer any water damage, then gently clean with a damp cloth with KH-7 (10% KH-7 and 90% water). Avoid excessive rubbing so as not to damage the leather. Then, wipe down with a clean damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.

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